Whale of a Sale

How do you buy $700+ worth of (new) jewelry and clothes for $10?  I'll call this necklace the catch of the day (donated to Whale of a Sale by Loli & the Bean).  

My sweet friend, Jaynie, invited me to go with her to the Junior League's Whale of a Sale fundraiser, which is basically a glorified garage sale.  

 I sometimes refer to shopping as a woman's version of hunting (shout out to women who go hunting - take me with you!).  Preparation and patience are involved, and there are other predators circling the treasure of your quest...  Maybe not, but it's exciting to find beautiful pieces at guilt-free prices!

Whale of a Sale was a 2-day event.  Admission on the second day was only $2, and by the time we arrived, all of the jewelry and clothing was 50% off normal prices.  In an attempt to be semi-responsible, Jaynie and I planned to have a pow-wow to decide which pieces of jewelry to keep.  After we sifted through the buckets of jewelry, they announced whatever you could fit into their designated bags would only cost a total of $10.

 Oh my.  No need to access the willpower reserves?  Ok by me!

After adding up the jewelry that had tags, which was most of it, I conservatively guesstimated the value of the other pieces and came up with $345.  If there is a Whale of a Sale near you, I highly recommend it as a fun thrifty outing with friends!  After hearing about the amazing deals, even some of our guy friends had peaked interest.  I may sneak a peak at some of the clothes that made it into the bag in another post.  I've been telling tons of people about Whale of a Sale.  I can't wait till next year!

You can check to see if there is a Junior League and Whale of a Sale in your area by going to the Junior League website at www.ajli.org.