Arrival at Varenna

By the time we rode the ferry to Varenna, everything had a dim glow.  This is why I splurged on a camera upgrade.  My little kodak from 2008 served me well, but buying the Lumix G5 turned out to be a good investment!

I constantly felt as though I was being carried through a scene in a James Bond movie.


Some ferry fever was definitley taking place.  

Soon enough, we arrived!  Just in the nick of time, before the sun gave its kiss goodnight.

And when I say kiss goodnight, I mean this breathtaking glow!  The haze of a long day's travel coming to a close.

The night's adventure of roaming the cobblestone pathways up the mountain to find our hotel may be a story for another time, but it most certainly includes my attempt to speak Italian with my hands.  Rosetta Stone, forgive me.  

Goodnight from Varenna :)