Montmartre Wanderings

To start off on our Montmartre wanderings, we visited the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. 

After trekking up many stairs, we were rewarded with a beautiful view of Paris.

Paris, you are such a babe.  Can you imagine getting up and sipping your coffee on one of those patios?  What a view.

We eventually passed through other parts of Montmartre, swivering in and out of art shops.

Now THAT is a great place to sip coffee (or anything you fancy!).  The further we climbed, the more Montmartre felt a world away from the Paris I was getting acustomed to on the trip.  It felt hidden away.  If I were to keep a flat in Paris, I imagine it might be in Montmartre - let's dream big :)

This man was incredibly meticulous.  It was amazing to see the level of detail in these pieces.

We took our time to enjoy the masterfulness around us.

If (when) you go to Paris, I hope you have time to enjoy Montmartre and have your portrait done!