Pop of Disney

I have a hankerin'; a hankerin' for a Disney trip!  It's pretty strong.  I went to Disney's website to order a vacation planning DVD, just to help me visualize and remember how wonderful it is to be there, even though I've been blessed to go many times.  In the meantime, here are some photos of the magical place - Walt Disney World!  

What's better than a classic ballet flat?  Perhaps a ballet flat with a Mickey Mouse logo? :)

Up next, some classic Disney grub.

There are many special things about spending time at Disney.  I think one of the dearest reasons is that when I'm there, I'm reminded to dream.  I'm reminded that giving every drop of passion I can muster up toward what really matters in life, well, matters.  

The photos in this post were edited using Piper from the A Beautiful Mess Signature Collection.