Waking Up to Varenna

As it turns out, a 2.5 hour boat ride builds up quite an appetite!  Lucky for us, there was a place still open by the time we arrived.  Knowing it would be dark as we tried to find our hotel, we went ahead and decided to get a bite to eat before the trek.

So, so much happened between these two photos.  I unsuccessfully (or successfully, depending on your perspective :)  communicated in Italian with my hands while trying to get directions from a nice Italian woman at a gelato shop who didn't speak much English.  Did I mention it was sweltering and muggy?  We probably should've went ahead and picked up some gelato.  Alas, we were - ok, I was - concerned with finding our hotel since we were roaming the steep cobblestone streets up and down the mountain alone late into the night.  Perhaps an overlook (COUGH COUGH..oops) in planning, we eventually found Varenna's version of town square, and headed up the mountain.  Our hotel ended up being one of the highest in Varenna.  My wannabe NCIS observation skills turned on as we passed suspicious characters and hiked up a road that followed the steep side of the mountain.  I think we burned off that gelato that we didn't eat.  That means I get two scoops the next day to make up for it, right?  :)

Boy, was the view worth it!  The muggy air turned sweet with a cool crisp overnight, and the memory of burning glutes was a distant vision.  Maybe not, but how can't you feel grateful for such beauty when you slowly open your eyes, and instead of surrendering to your sore muscles and dozing back to sleep, you sit up and stare in wonder.  Yeah, that was a great morning!  I think this view was the first picture of Lake Como we sent back home.

Our window overlooked one of the main shared hotel patios, which turned out to be quite convenient since there was an entrance by our room.

Next up: breakfast!  It was fairly basic, but met our needs just fine.  I was trying to stick to Paleo-friendly choices (no gluten, processed foods), so the boiled eggs and cheese wedges were ideal.  Note:  water is harder to find here than we thought, so we drank up during breakfast and paid for bottled water at our hotel, which proved to be much less expensive than what other shops were offering.

This was one of my favorite parts of our day:  quietly soaking up this view, reflecting on the reality that we were really here.  

Above is one of my favorite photos of our time at Lake Como.

After breakfast, we took some time to enjoy the multiple balconies of the hotel and the views that surrounded us.

....a great start to a full day.

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