St. Augustine Birthday Bash

I came over to celebrate a sweet friend's birthday and decided to roam around a bit before we met up.  There were some adorable shops, including a popscicle shop.  How cute is that?  Oh, it's called "Hyppo"?  Sold.

The weather was perfect for taking your time and playing shutterbug.

Dinner at Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille turned out to be quite a yummy occasion.

These fried bacon-wrapped scallops may be the best, most flavorful mouthful I've ever had.  There were so many different, savory flavors merging together.  I don't doubt I'll make a special effort to go back just to enjoy them again.Sweet friends always have a way of making a meal that much more tasty, cozy, easy to feel settled and content.Pork chops with buttery mashed potatoes = birthday girl comfort food.Cheese and bacon always makes a meal better, right?Fancified fair food: fried Oreos!

If you find yourself in St. Augustine and in need of a place for dinner, I highly recommend Harry's.  It might be best to arrive early on a weekend, around 5pm.  After we sat down for our meal, the wait got up to 2 hours.  Enjoy!